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[BKARTS] using a saw

Dear Jim  I can't believe you just wrote about this to Book-Arts.  I
was just at the Bookbinding and Preservation course at Cornell and
they have all the toys you could ever want including an electric
guilliotine and a lovely shear cutter.  Those of us in the class who
have more modest set-ups at home were drooling and trying to think of
other ways to trim book blocks.  I did mention my chop-saw, to
everyone's horror, but I was thinking 'why not?' with some other kind
of blade.  I am so glad to read your information - and it couldn't
possibly be worse than trying to slice off edges of sections one at a
time - (don't bother -- it doesn't work).

I'm gonna get me one of them there fine-toothed blades and I'm good
to go!  Thanks again,  Henrietta

You wrote
To reshear perfect bound books (who ever came up with that term?! it's
a radial arm saw with a sharp fine-tooth plywood blade.  Makes a
very >>>clean
cut that looks like it is sheared. Clamp the book between 2 pieces of wood
and cut.  I have done it MANY times and it comes out great every
time.  >>>The hotmelt glue kinda makes a mess on the wall but once
it hardens it is >>>easily removed  :>)  I also use it to shear
the textblock once assembled.

-- Henrietta in Blue Hill Maine


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