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Re: [BKARTS] Behind the plough

I often use a wood chisel to trim books in the laying press, and
actually prefer it to the plough.

The one I use is known as a framing chisel; the blade is 7.25" long,
with another 2.75" for the socket to hold a handle (which is not

Make certain that the bottom is smooth & flat, and that the cutting
edge is sharp, and it will work very well.


>Date:    Wed, 25 Aug 2004 02:14:27 -0400
>From:    Greg Clapp <greclapp@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Behind the plough

>>Sounds like you are looking for an excuse to buy more equipment!  :o)
>Well...yes...of course! :-)
>>How about putting the book in a press with just a bit showing then use a
>>wood chisel (very sharp and not one someone has used to open paint cans) or
>>plane blade to remove glue.


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