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Re: [BKARTS] vegetable parchment

Google often reveals all -- sometimes too much.
Still, highly recommended for these sorts of inquiries.
Try it, please.

Alan Shalette


 Vegetable parchment, papyrine.

Papyrine Imitation parchment, made by soaking
unsized paper in dilute sulphuric acid.



vegetable parchment paper

A paper made by passing a WATERLEAF sheet through a bath of sulfuric
acid, or (at times) zinc chloride, under established conditions of time,
temperature, and the like. The treated paper is then washed thoroughly
so as to remove the acid or zinc salt, after which it is dried. The
chemical partially dissolves or gelatinizes the paper, which is then
regenerated when the chemical is diluted by the washing. This forms a
very tough, stiff, smooth paper with an appearance somewhat like that of
a genuine parchment. Because paper treated in this manner has a tendency
to become brittle and to wrinkle upon drying, it is frequently treated
with a plasticizing agent, usually glycerine or glucose. The waterleaf
sheet is made from rag or (more usually) chemical wood pulp

Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
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Vegetable Parchment Mill, St Mary Cray, UK

Paper making in the Cray Valley dated back to the 18th century and this
site on the edge of St. Mary Cray village has probably been used since
at least 1757.

In the ownership of the Joynson family from 1835 to 1931, they were
responsible for consid-erable expansion from the 1850s and the buildings
in this picture probably date from that time.

>From 1933 it was named the Vegetable Parchment Mills and run by Wiggins
Teape and Papeteries Delcroix and specialised in producing greaseproof

Closing in 1967, the mill site is now occupied by a retail park.



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