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[BKARTS] Just Published on Bookbinding

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Just out - two newly published Oak Knoll Press books on the subject of
bookbinding. "Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles," Stuart Bennett's new
book, explores publishers' bindings and presents some very interesting new
theories on the way they developed. "Eloquent Witnesses" looks at the
development of binding techniques and decoration. Each has many
illustrations including a number in color.

To read more about these titles, click the following links:
Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles -
Eloquent Witnesses - <http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=76293>
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By Stuart Bennett
First edition. This book is the first illustrated guide to this complex and
controversial subject. In 1930, in The Evolution of Publishers' Binding
Styles, Michael Sadleir declared that "the bookseller-publisher of the
decades from 1730 to 1770 issued his books either in loose quires, or
stitched, or a most in a plain paper wrapper." This view is still generally
accepted. Bennett, however, presents new documentary and visual evidence
that books were predominantly sold ready-bound in sheep, calf, and goat as
well as boards and wrappers. Over 200 color illustrations show what these
bindings looked like, and how their styles evolved. Co-published with the
British Library.
2004, hardcover, 8.25"x 11," approx. 176 pages
ISBN 1584561300    Order No. 075432    Price: $85.00
Sales Rights: Worldwide except the UK; available in the UK from The British

Edited by Mirjam M. Foot
First edition. This work is a collection of well-written essays that
demonstrates the change in direction the study of bookbinding has taken.
Much of the work is based on observation of bookbinding techniques and
materials, as well as a close study of decorative tools and the ways in
which these were used to reflect the styles and fashions of their day.
   The place of the binder in the whole network of the book trade is also
discussed against the wider cultural and political background in which
books, as vehicles that carried ideas forward, are the visible, creditable
and eloquent witnesses. This volume of essays is dedicated to the memory of
Dr. Phiroze Randeria.
   Contributors to the book include Giles Barber, Carmen Blacker,
Christian Coppens, Mirjam Foot, David Pearson, Nicholas Pickwoad, Nicholas
Poole-Wilson, Esther Potter, Jan Storm van Leeuwen and Marianne Tidcombe.
With 101 b/w and 8 color plate pages. Co-published with The Bibliographical
Society and The British Library.
2004, hardcover, 6.5"x 10," 328 pages
ISBN 1584561173    Order No. 076293    Price: $65.00
Sales Rights: North and South America only; available elsewhere from The
British Library
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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