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[BKARTS] All Things Electoral

artists consider the past, present and future of
is about to open at Susan Hensel Design, the newest
alternative space in Minneapolis. Committed to the
activist nature of narrative, the first show calls for

Come vote on a Florida 2000, hanging chad machine;
pull the levers on an old mechanical voting machine to
vote for the past, present or future you prefer.

See videos, paintings, artists books and experience a
soundscape. Eat Red, White and Blue food; drink Peace
coffee from Coffee Eclectic. GO  home with stickers,
postcards, ballots for your friends, voter
registration forms.

Participating artists:
Jane Evershed
Seamus Leonard
Susan Hensel
Karen Hanmer
Peter Thomas
Margery Coffey
Tim Fort
Liz Dodson

The festivities start Friday evening, September 10,
7pm-9pm and continue Sat and Sun from 1-5.

Curious what you might see?  Go to
www.susanhenseldesign.com and click on THE GALLERY to
see samples.

Listen to Catalyst, on KFAI, 90.3 fm/106.7fm Tuesday,
September 7, 11 am.  Or listen to the archived show of
Art Matters, taped last week at

Remember..Friday, September 10, 2004, the fun begins.

Susan Hensel Design
3441 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
phone/fax 612 722-2324

Join the susanhenseldesign Yahoo Group:


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