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[BKARTS] Frederic W. Goudy Lecture

Announcement of the Frederic W. Goudy Lecture
and workshop, dinner and exhibitions

Sponsored by the Scripps College Press

Imagery for the Book and the Wall, Two Different Points of View

Margaret Prentice

Saturday, September 18, 2004
7:30 p.m.
Humanities Auditorium, Scripps College

The Goudy Lecture is free and open to the public

Margaret Prentice is currently Associate Professor in the Art Department at the University of Oregon and head of the Printmaking Area. She teaches intaglio and relief printmaking, papermaking and artists’ books. In 1971 she co-founded Twin-rocker Handmade Paper with Kathryn and Howard Clark. She received her BFA in 1966 from the University of Arizona and her MFA in 1980 from the University of Colorado. Prentice was recipient of a Japan Foundation Artist Fellowship Grant in 1994 that allowed her to visit papermakers and printmakers in Japan. In 2001, she received a UO Faculty Research Grant to document the primitive amate papermaking of the Otomi Indians in San Pablito, Mexico. Prentice often works collaboratively in limited edition books with a printer/publisher. Her work may be found in over 45 public collections including Environmental Design Library at UC Berkeley, Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Houghton Library at Harvard University, Dartmouth University, the National Library of New Zealand, and the Getty Museum Collection, among others.

Frederic W. Goudy Dinner Please join us for dinner in the Faculty Lounge at 6:00 p.m. Sept. 18 Cost: $20, reservations required

Frederic W. Goudy Workshop

Colorful Woodcuts,
First Carved then Printed on the Letterpress

Margaret Prentice

Saturday and Sunday, September 18 & 19, 2004
9:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Scripps College Press
Cost: $150 plus $15 for materials

Learn to carve and print colorful woodblock prints on the letterpress.After looking at a selection of woodcut prints, participants will learn to use a variety of woodcut tools to carve different marks for relief images. Each person will carve two or more 6" x 6" birch plywood blocks and share them with the group. The carved blocks will be combined in different ways to print multiple color images on the four Vandercook letterpresses at the Scripps College Press. Each person will make a variety of prints. No previous experience is needed. This is a very playful and spontaneous approach to multiple color woodcut images.


You can reserve a place for the workshop or dinner
by sending a check by September 11 to:
Scripps College Press
1030 Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711
For further information, please contact Prof. Kitty Maryatt,
(909) 607-3866 or KMaryatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Exhibitions at Scripps College

Clark Humanities Museum

The Press at Colorado College: the Pressroom as Classroom
Curated by Betty Bright

August 26–October 15, 2004
Museum Hours: Monday–Friday, 9–12, 1–5

Pressrooms have always been classrooms. From Gutenberg’s day to our own, young women and men have hovered closely around rhythmically throbbing presses, the only place they could hope to learn the secrets of the so-called black art of letterpress printing. Students of the liberal arts, however, have not traditionally been among the adepts of the black art. Until modern times, indeed, a liberal education was one that freed its students from manual arts, not one that included them.
Only in the twentieth century did printing education move out of the world of apprentice training and into courses for designers, writers, and artists. Even today very few liberal arts colleges offer courses or practical experience in printing. For the length of Jim Trissel’s career and since, however, the outstanding exception has been the Press at Colorado College, one of the nation’s premier fine presses and a classroom for a generation of CC students. This exhibit and the accompanying
catalog celebrate that fruitful, creative space—Jim Trissel’s classroom. Paul F. Gehl

Denison Library

Recent Books from Collegiate Presses
Curated by Judy Harvey Sahak

August 26-October 15, 2004
Hours: M–Th 9–midnight, F 9–5, Sa 12–7, Su 12–midnight

Exhibition Reception
Clark Humanities Museum and Denison Library
Sept. 18 from 4:30–6:00 p.m. at the Clark Humanities Museum

Exhibit features imaginative structures and traditional formats designed with education in mind. Featured books represent institutions across the United States and are held in Denison Library’s Rare Books Collection. A major component of the exhibition will be books produced from 2001–2004 at the 63-year-0ld Scripps College Press.

Announcing the newest publication from the Scripps College Press:

Beorum II: Fragmentary Evidence

Published June 2004, with risky stories and images.
It is an artists’ book version of a leaf book, with a facsimile of a page
of the Gutenberg Bible from the Denison Library Collection using
metal type produced by the Dale Guild Typefoundry.
Edition 93 copies Size 6" x 16" Cost $250.00

The transition from medieval to Renaissance is a fascinating period in history, where letters written by hand are supplanted by those made of metal. At the center is Johann Gensflesh von Gutenberg, who copied contemporary German textura and the scribal practice of abbreviating words to produce his magnificent Bible and other printed works in the fifteenth century. His inventions of the hand mould for casting movable type and the printing press were risky ventures, requiring ingenuity, determination and not least, capital.
The eight producers of this book are also risk-takers. They assessed the various levels of risk one takes in creating a new book: stories and images have to be developed, cohesiveness managed, and technical skills learned. They speculated and gambled and managed those risks, working as a group, transitioning from neophytes to real printers in the process.

Book Purchase

To purchase the latest publication, Beorum II: Fragmentary Evidence, please send a check to Scripps College Press, 1030 Columbia Avenue. Claremont. California 91711 for $250.00 plus $9.00 for shipping and insurance; include $20.63 sales tax if you are a California resident.
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