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[BKARTS] Club Bindery Catalog

I have just received my copy of Thomas Boss's BOUND TO BE THE BEST,  THE CLUB
BINDERY. This is the catalog of the show now up at the Grolier  Club, though
"catalog" barely does justice. It is not often these days that  a catalog of
book bindings is so brilliantly produced. The author, staff of the  Grolier,
and the designer of the book have succeeded in providing a long  over due and
much deserved tribute.
I confess my prejudice. The Club Bindery set in motion currents which led  to
my pursuit of a career. I imagine yours as well. The family tree of "fine"
binding in America owes an incalculable and largely unrecognized debt to  them.
Worse, the pathos of their story has enabled me to weather the inevitable
storms. Do you know the story of one of the early 20th century's finest
finishers and how he ended up selling vacuum cleaners in Ohio?

If only because of their primacy in the USofA for fine binding in the
"European" manner it is almost beyond belief that this is the first  and only
significant survey of the Club Bindery's work. While never  creating a style of
their own (they and their small cliental largely chose to  interrupt historical
and then current models) the craftswomen and men did set a  standard for both
execution and translation which has rarely if ever been  met in our country. And
on too rare an occasion, given free rein, their   creative work was unique
and influential.

This book is written with intelligence, sense, and sensibility.  It includes
complete and wonderful notes. The photographs are delicious.  It is a
beautiful book in concept and design and printing.
Is it only satire that in my copy the case binding is so sadly blocked? But
we all know the problems with open weave cloth.

Available in two editions, one of 500 copies, the deluxe of 50. Buy both,
the first as your reading copy, the second for love.

Best, James

James Tapley
Hand Bookbinder
2077 Thirteenth  Street
Sarasota, FL 34237
Tel 941 366  8248


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