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[BKARTS] Kutrimmer 1071 board cutter and Rotatrim specials - to end of 2004

Dear book arts colleagues,

This is to briefly share with you some special pricing on Kutrimmer  1071
board / paper cutter:

US$599 w/ *** FREE SHIPPING *** for the USA or  CANADA.
- Ref: EBA 1071 - 28" - Guaranteed Authentic and Made in  Germany.

We also carry the smaller kutrimmer models 2035, 1038 and  1058.

On Rotatrim rotary paper trimmers we are pleased to  still offer the lowest
possible prices:

Rotatrim M12 us$169
Rotatrim M15 us$199
Rotatrim M18 us$239
Rotatrim M24 us$259
Rotatrim M30 us$349
Rotatrim M36 us$379
Rotatrim M42 us$439
Rotatrim M54 us$495

If you need any advise on the above or you like more information,  please
give me a call at 1-866-510-2098 xt. 222 any day of the  week.

Also, do check our feedback rating of over 3600 satisfied customers  at
_www.finegrafics.com_ (http://www.finegrafics.com)


Pedram Fanian
_www.finegrafics.com_ (http://www.finegrafics.com)
SignetAndino co.
866-510-2098 xt. 222


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