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Dear Charles,

I only wish that I knew your work better. May I see it?
I did not reference the Thompson's work only because it lacks in both  acuity
and depth. I own the book, but face it, there is no beef. Even  worse the
paper case is a complete failure.
If I suggested that none of us could equal their work my apologies. Frankly
I think that we, at our best, are capable of equaling and surpassing their
work.  Heaven knows that our sensibility is more interesting.
And yes the market barely exists. Just think of it, $10,000 for a  binding
which requires almost as many hours. I could make more money flipping  burgers
AND get health benefits in the bargain. Such is the nature of our  love.
There was a time and space for our work. My praise for the catalog was  meant
only to remind us of that. And he did end up selling vacuum cleaners. I
should be so lucky.
Best, James

James  Tapley
Hand Bookbinder
2077 Thirteenth Street
Sarasota, FL  34237
Tel 941 366 8248


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