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[BKARTS] your text on edge gilding

Dear James:
    I read your contribution on edge gilding of books in the Book_Arts archive, and I
appreciate your expertise.
    I purchased an edge gilder from Harcourt Bindery, along with a roll of gold foil
and a quart of polysize.  I followed the technique suggested on the website of the
bindery (the gilder came with no instructions, the basis of another beef of mine).  I
had absolutely no success.  Almost none of the foil would transfer to the book edge
no matter what I did.
    By the way, I am pretty experienced with hot stamping, and so I know how foil
    I tried various temperatures and spoke to Sam Ellenport over the telephone, and
he also e-mailed me.
    I measured (by means of a laser thermometer) the temperature of the gilder, and I
tried various temperatures, dwell times, pressures.  In fact, I spent several days
fiddling around with the various parameters.
    My lack of success was, well, unqualified and unconditional.
    I am pretty miffed, and am inclined to send the entire apparatus back to Boston.
But before I do so, I thought I would contact you and see if you have any life-saving
Best wishes,


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