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[BKARTS] Mold treatment FYI & question

For those of you dealing with mold on old books, perhaps you all have
experience with the  Aseptrol,  http://www.kingrich.com.hk/part_3.htm

This spring I had a discernable odor of mildew/ in my newly finished
basement studio space.  I never was able to locate the source but found a
product that I believe has acted as a mold inhibitor.  I found it at my
local auto parts supply, it's sold at marine supply and rv stores for use
in confined spaces.  It is sold under the name of STAR BRITE.  I bought one
box, with 2 pouches in it and costs around $10 US.  I put them on shelves my
storage wall.

Additionally I upgraded dehumidifier and added box fan to encourage air
circulation.  In a 1000 sq ft walk out basement with 8 foot concrete walls
and floors,  I have zero indications of mildew or mold.  Humidity is kept
between 55 to 65% , but will sometimes hit 70% during extended wet periods.

The article at http://www.moldreporter.org/premiere/qa   explains how the
product works and it's use in libraries.

Are any of you using Aseptrol in Libraries, if so what are the results?  I'm
wondering about this products use in fuming old books? I'm thinking of
putting books in a bag with product to expose book to gas the granules would
release.   Does anyone have experience?

Mary Taylor



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