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Re: [BKARTS] A Celebration of Pop-Up and Movable Books

It's hard to believe, but the Movable Book Society founded by Ann Montanaro
in 1993 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. To commemorate the milestone
the Society has published a landmark volume documenting the development of
movable paper devices in book structures.  Eleven of the most influential
paper engineers have been selected and brief essays on their accomplishments
are paired with an actual working model of one of their creations. Never
before has so much information on movable books been collected in one

The book starts with Matthew Paris (1200-1259), a Benedictine monk who
recognized the advantage of sewing a revolving disk to the page to avoid
having to rotate the entire book in order to read a circular chart.  Thus
the vovelle was invented.  The other engineers include Robert Sayer
(1725-1794) who invented "turn-up" books; Dean and Sons, publishers who for
fifty years created pop-up theater scenes and "dissolving pictures;" Lothar
Meggendorfer (1847-1925) introduced complex mechanicals; Ernest Nister
(1842-1909) refined the dissolving picture and developed intersecting wheels
and peepshows; S. Louis Giraud (1879-1950) invented 360-degree paper
constructions that became the first "self-erecting" pop-ups; Harold B. Lentz
coined the term "pop-up; Julian Wehr (1898-1970) invented pull-tab
mechanisms that resulted in amazing animations; Geraldine Clyne (1899-1979)
and her husband Benjamin, created the unique Jolly-Ups series that employed
a single die-cut sheet with no added parts; Vojtech Kubasta created big,
bold pop-ups; and finally, Ib Penick (1931-1998) played a significant part
in reintroducing pop-up books in the 1960's.

All of the paper animations are terrific, but three are over the top. A
complex gobbling turkey represents Lothar Meggendorfer. By lifting the page
it's possible to see the working parts complete with the original
identifying labels. Andy Baron contributes interesting background
information on the distinctive spiral pivots that were used for the original
books.  For Ernest Nister's page pulling a string one way causes Little
Bo-Peep to scurry across the page, and by pulling the string the other
direction she rotates 180-degrees and heads back in the opposite direction.
Magic! Wait until you see the acrobat that swings 360-degrees around a
wooden bar in S. Louis Giraud's creation.  How did he do that!

Ann Montanero did the bulk of the research and Andrew Baron, Allan Boehm,
Ellen G.K. Rubin, Robert Sabuda and Roy Ziegler contributed additional
material.  The paper engineering and refinements was carried out by Andrew
Baron and Kyle Olmon (the paper engineer for the Stand and Deliver catalog)
at Popyrus Studio in Santa Fe, NM and Sam Ida, Matthew Reinhart, and Robert
Sabuda at Librum Artifex in New York City.

A Celebration of Pop-Up and Movable Books (ISBN 0-9746775-0-7) comes in a
cloth-covered hinged-lid box.  The pre-order cost is a remarkably low $34.95
and the books are scheduled to ship on October 15.  Shipping is about $5.00
more depending on address. Orders can be placed at www.robertsabud.com

This book is a remarkable accomplishment and truly celebrates the ten years
that the Movable Book Society has been educating and enchanting book lovers
around the world.


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