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Re: [BKARTS] A Celebration of Pop-Up and Movable Books

I believe those interested will find the following to be
a valid Web address.


Alan Shalette

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| It's hard to believe, but the Movable Book Society founded by Ann
| in 1993 is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. To commemorate the
| the Society has published a landmark volume documenting the
development of
| movable paper devices in book structures. Eleven of the most
| paper engineers have been selected and brief essays on their
| are paired with an actual working model of one of their creations.
| before has so much information on movable books been collected in one
| source.
| The book starts with Matthew Paris (1200-1259), a Benedictine monk who
| recognized the advantage of sewing a revolving disk to the page to
| having to rotate the entire book in order to read a circular chart.
| the vovelle was invented. The other engineers include Robert Sayer
| (1725-1794) who invented "turn-up" books; Dean and Sons, publishers
who for
| fifty years created pop-up theater scenes and "dissolving pictures;"
| Meggendorfer (1847-1925) introduced complex mechanicals; Ernest Nister
| (1842-1909) refined the dissolving picture and developed intersecting
| and peepshows; S. Louis Giraud (1879-1950) invented 360-degree paper
| constructions that became the first "self-erecting" pop-ups; Harold B.
| coined the term "pop-up; Julian Wehr (1898-1970) invented pull-tab
| mechanisms that resulted in amazing animations; Geraldine Clyne
| and her husband Benjamin, created the unique Jolly-Ups series that
| a single die-cut sheet with no added parts; Vojtech Kubasta created
| bold pop-ups; and finally, Ib Penick (1931-1998) played a significant
| in reintroducing pop-up books in the 1960's.
| All of the paper animations are terrific, but three are over the top.
| complex gobbling turkey represents Lothar Meggendorfer. By lifting the
| it's possible to see the working parts complete with the original
| identifying labels. Andy Baron contributes interesting background
| information on the distinctive spiral pivots that were used for the
| books. For Ernest Nister's page pulling a string one way causes Little
| Bo-Peep to scurry across the page, and by pulling the string the other
| direction she rotates 180-degrees and heads back in the opposite
| Magic! Wait until you see the acrobat that swings 360-degrees around a
| wooden bar in S. Louis Giraud's creation. How did he do that!
| Ann Montanero did the bulk of the research and Andrew Baron, Allan
| Ellen G.K. Rubin, Robert Sabuda and Roy Ziegler contributed additional
| material. The paper engineering and refinements was carried out by
| Baron and Kyle Olmon (the paper engineer for the Stand and Deliver
| at Popyrus Studio in Santa Fe, NM and Sam Ida, Matthew Reinhart, and
| Sabuda at Librum Artifex in New York City.
| A Celebration of Pop-Up and Movable Books (ISBN 0-9746775-0-7) comes
in a
| cloth-covered hinged-lid box. The pre-order cost is a remarkably low
| and the books are scheduled to ship on October 15. Shipping is about
| more depending on address. Orders can be placed at www.robertsabud.com
| This book is a remarkable accomplishment and truly celebrates the ten
| that the Movable Book Society has been educating and enchanting book
| around the world.
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