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Re: [BKARTS] Yapps and Circuit Edges

Thanks, Roberta. That book appears to have metal edges, and appears to be a
box binding.  I've done box bindings, such as Peter suggests, that are very
different from the Saint Francis books. For examples, see the Erica Jong
books at

 http://minsky.com/memory.htm  and  http://minsky.com/blues.htm

Don is right about the foredge Yapp on vellum bindings over board, which
has been in use for centuries. It's also illustrated in limp vellum in
Douglas Cockerell's _Bookbinding and the Care of Books_, pp. 180-184, and
Arthur Johnson's _Manual of Bookbinding_ p. 149. Johnson also gives
instructions for the traditional Yapp binding, pp. 151-152.

Bernard Middleton, in _A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique_ p.
164, points out that leather bindings like the Yapp of 1860 were done in
Cambridge in the first half of the XVII c. and Nixon reports it in the XVI
c. Middleton also notes that on limp vellum bindings foredge Yapps were the
usual, and these predate the leather ones.

I didn't use an interior stiffener. The leather is simply cut wider than
usual and excess leather is left out when doing the turn-in. The flap is
then folded up at right angles to the boards.  I made one with a stiffener
but it felt too much like a box.  This is soft and pliable. If you pare the
leather the right thickness it will be flexible and also retain its shape,
so you can mould it.

I have not found an example that combines continuous Yapp edges that fold
like a circuit edge but are continuous, on a board binding with a
traditional headcap.

It feels very nice in the hand.


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