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[BKARTS] Bookcloth 1823-1980


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Oak Knoll has just had the incredible good luck to be offered all the
remaining copies of a notorious scarce book. We are able to sell them for
less than 20% of the original price. Please order quickly as there are only
a limited number available.

BOOKCLOTH 1823 - 1980 by William Tomlinson

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Best wishes,

Bob Fleck

BOOKCLOTH 1823 - 1980

By William Tomlinson

First edition. The first and only comprehensive study of Winterbottom's
methods of manufacturing bookcloth. This work includes a study of early use
and the rise of Winterbotton Book Cloth Co. and its dominance of the trade
in Britain and America for almost a century. Tomlinson focuses on the
development and use of starch-filled bookcloth in particular. He examines
the process of producing the various types of bookcloths in the Victoria
Mills plant. The book is enhanced by illustrations of the production
machinery such as starch mangles, drying cylinders and spreaders. Lists
prices and costs of production are revealed with fifty descriptions of cloth
with details of who made them and when they were available. One of the real
treasures of this book is a section with 36 tipped-in feeler samples and 30
examples of designs, bringing the processes and treatments described in the
text to life. "This volume compels the reader to be aware of all the
processes that cloth goes through, and the potential hazards involved in
manufacturing a consistent product in a range of scores of thousands of
'effects' (grains, colors and combinations thereof); with new eyes and
respect for the people who made them" (Bernard Middleton's Forward). This
scholarly edition includes a bibliography with extensive notes and
appendices. Color portrait frontispiece of Archibald Winterbottom
(1814-1884) and color portrait of George Harold Winterbottom (1860-1934),
the founders of the Winterbottom Book Cloth Company (1891-1980). Contains 19
illustrations. Originally sold for $500.00, now a limited number is offered
for $95.00.

1996, hardcover, 6.5 x 9 inches, 184 pages

ISBN 0952773600   Order No. 047781   Price: $95.00

Sales Rights: Worldwide

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