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Re: [BKARTS] box binding, yapp and circuit

In unpacking boxes today, I finally found my copy of "An Encyclopedia of the
Book" by Geoffrey Ashall Glaister and the entry for "yapp" includes "see
*circuit edges*", which reads as follows:

"Circuit Edges: Limp-backed Bibles and prayer-books are sometimes bound with
projecting covers turned over to protect the edges. The cover is split at
the corners, allowing it to fold closely to the edges like a box. Also known
as *divinity circuit*"

Still limp bindings, not hard covers though.

A little trivia for the next time "Those Amazing Yapps" is a catagory on
Jeopardy!, This book says that William Yapp designed the namesake overhang,
but the books were made for him by Samuel Bagster, through whose catalogues
the description and style became known.

No entry in this book for "box binding" - this is the 1960 first edition.
Not sure how authoritative it is, but it's chock full of interesting info.

all the best,
Roberta Lavadour
Mission Creek Press / Pendleton, Oregon


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