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Re: [BKARTS] Yapps and Circuit Edges

Roberta wrote:

> Ahh, that's the problem with photographs - you tailored it so nicely
> it looks like a hard edge.

Because the leather is pared all around the edges it makes a fairly crisp
fold. I did some with less paring and it had a more rounded look, which was
also nice.

For those who observed that the title was hard to read on the top image, I
replaced the two big pictures with higher resolution jpegs. The softness of
the edge is most clear in the third photo down, the one that shows the
detail of the headcap (a little bigger than life size at 1024 resolution on
a 17" screen):


I do like Tom's "stout edge" description for Charlene's assistant's bottle
cap book, though according to Consuela, Greenfield would call it a box

Glaister's description of a circuit edge is almost identical to the
Etherington definition previously quoted. The board vs limp is one
significant feature, but the other noted characteristic is the independent
foredge flap, as opposed to the continuous edge. That continuity at the
corners was the most difficult part to achieve in developing the current
structure. A separate foredge flap is easier. But I didn't like the look
and feel of that.



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