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[BKARTS] Minsky is a "bad" influence (was: yapps and circuit edges)

Looking at Richard Minsky's Web site is a *wonderful* way to spend
one's time...but there's a danger there...

Here I am a rank amateur, absolute total beginner, focusing on
learning repair techniques and am not artistic in the least...I'm in
the process of fixing (and practicing on) my son's Captain Underpants
books...and after looking at some of Minksy's "wicked awesome"
bindings (the Sappho scroll floored me) I get to thinking, gee, how
about a "tighty-whitie" cover for Captain underpants? using an
elastic waistband as a closure for the book? could I use diaper cloth
for covering _The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby_? tiger print for
when I rebind my Calvin and Hobbes?

On a more serious note: I have a question about the Sappho scroll:
how did you prepare the text? how did you make the scroll of text?

---Amy West


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