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[BKARTS] gilding and the impossible dream

Indirectly this will make a case for apprenticeships.

So, I'm grinding along in the studio trying to get a grip on edge
gilding. There are many bits of information in the archives and some
reference books listed for consideration...and there is an image in my
mind of what the result should look like. Granted, the image comes from
commercial, machine made objects.

Then along comes 'Yapp and circuit edges'. I have mild curiosity about
the edges. But wait! What's up with that giliding on Minsky's book? Is
this the degree of even coverage that I can expect in hand gilding?
'Cause frankly, I've been scraping off results like that, cursing, and
wondering whether it was such a good idea to say 'yes' this time.

Experienced gilders, words are fine but the time for pictures has come.
I need a professional and realistic image to guide me to my goal (while
I wait for delivery of my pricey reference book).

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711


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