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FOLDED FEATURES, an exhibition of Pressman's Caps will open 
on Monday, September 30th. 

Donnell Library Center
The New York Public Library
20 West 53rd Street
New York, New York
between Fifth and Sixth Ave
(across the street from MOMA)
(212) 621-0619
Subway: E and V trains to Fifth Ave. 
New York, New York 10019

September 30 to October 15, 2004
Hours: Mon-Wed-Fri : 10 am ~ 6 pm                                          
     Tues and Thurs : 10 am ~ 8 pm
     Sat : 10 am ~ 5 pm 
     Sun: 1~5   

FOLDED   FEATURES:   A   lively exhibition of PRESSMAN’S CAPS with a twist

They sparkle, jingle, wear veils and bling bling... sometimes even wax poetic

Whimsical and unique, these hand made Pressman’s Caps are folded from 
newspapers and imaginatively decorated by international artists. The caps were 
collected as Mail Art by curator 
Alice Simpson. Senior residents from The Williams Residence, NY have been 
photographed modeling their chosen caps by Lynn Padwe.   

The origins of Pressman’s Caps can be traced back to the 1800s in early 
engravings when printers made them from newsprint to keep spraying ink from 
fast-running printing presses off their heads. They've also been called carpenter's 
hats, miller's hats and stonemason's hats.   In familiar 1871 Walrus and 
Carpenter illustrations by Tenniel, in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass 
closer observation will reveal the Carpenter clearly wears one perched on his 
head as he weeps. The colorful caps and photos will be on view at The Donnell 
Library Center (NYPL), 20 West 53rd Street beginning September 30, 2004. There is 
no opening event.                         
For email postcard   write: DanceMarathon1@xxxxxxx

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