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[BKARTS] Colorado classes: Book arts, artists journals, altered books and more...

FYI, I will be in Fort Collins, CO at The Artists' Nook at Timeless Creations October 8-10th. The samples are in the store and online. This will be my second visit to Artists' Nook and I LOVE teaching there. What an amazing group of artists-extremely talented, fun and very sharing!!! I'm looking forward to it!

Questions? Email Kelly at Egorey99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Precious You Friday Oct 8th 10-3 $70 after Sept 24th $80
In class you will create the most unique journal designed to hold images, symbols, words and quotations that hold special meaning to you. This journal is begging to be touched and treasured. We will explore why these images resonant with you and what meanings they hold for you. This is unlike any journal you have ever done before. It is a triptych book WITHIN a book. Beads are along the spine of the book and along the spine of the inside triptych pages. Not only will you create a journal from an old hardcover book using conventional and unconventional bookbinding techniques but you will learn to lay out the images, mixed media and words to create your own personal story. Luscious. Gorgeous. Precious. The book of YOU. Walk out of class with a detailed instructional handout with several pages that describe various symbols, images and words and why they resonate with so many of us and why we use them in our artwork. Students need to bring to class: 6 x 9" hardcover book, scissors, bone folder, cork back metal ruler and a small selection

Multiple Layers Friday Oct 8th 3:30-5:30 $50 after Sept 24th $60
Want to be pushed with your art journal even more? Come to class and we will learn even MORE new tips and tricks for working in your art journal. Explore new possibilities with paints, artists crayons, pigments and more. Learn new techniques not discussed in any other classes! The techniques we learn are applicable to a variety of surfaces-art journals, altered books, canvases, and MORE! Push your art supplies to the next level! Please bring your journal, scissors, bone folder, collage ephemera and a desire to PLAY under guidance and direction

"Core" Journaling Friday Oct 8th 6-8 $50 after Sept 24th $60
Ready for an intense journaling experience? Ok, intense but "FUN". Please bring your journal to class and be prepared to dive heart and soul first into a unique experience you wonâ??t forget. Ready to take the first step? Weâ??ll open the book and start with fresh, funky and unusual exercises that will make journaling a part of your daily life. Go beyond the every day jargon, get ready for some art, soul, writing and a little bit of everything else mixed in. Please bring your journal, scissors, bone folder, cork backed metal ruler, any personal collage ephemera (just a small bit) you might want to incorporate into your book and a couple of photos (sized to fit your page-either originals youâ??re willing to use or color copies) of yourself from childhood (any age/stage) and one some what recent photo. Questions? Email Kelly Egorey99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Excavations: Multi Media techniques for Art Journaling Class Sat Oct 9th 10-3 $70 after Sept 24th $80 One of my most popular classes to date! Bring your journal to class and be prepared to learn a PLETHORA of techniques which can be applied not only to art journaling but to altered books, artists books, collage, cards, etcâ?¦ Learn brand new background techniques that Iâ??ve never done in any other class! Discover the secrets of layered paints, images and words. Learn how to bring them all in together to create a look youâ??ll love. This is another NEW class on painting, collageing and altering the surface of your artwork. Please be prepared to get messy, create and have fun. We will learn the tricks to layering background pages, painting pages, altering the surface of your pages and your images using unconventional methods, and much, much more. You will walk out with a cool, fresh and funky new journal with lots of ideas spinning in your head! This is a class that you can take the methods learned and apply them not only to artists journals but to altered books, artists books, canvas and multiple surfaces! You will walk out of class with a detailed handout with over 70 tips, tricks and exercises on applying mixed media materials to your pages (acrylic paints, wax artist crayons, gel mediums >and MORE). **THIS IS NOT the same class as the Art of the Layered Page, this is a completely different class. In each class you will learn a ton of varied ideas, exercises and information on using your supplies (and more!)**Questions? Please email Kelly at Egorey99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Students need to bring to class: a journal (or several pages to work on), brayer, apron (or wear old clothes), scissors, bone folder, x-acto knife (if you have one) and a small favorite selection of collage ephemera.

Journey Beyond The Surface: MORE mixed media techniques for art journals, altered books and more! Saturday Oct 9th 3:30-5:30 $50 after Sept 24th $60 Think you know everything about what you can do in your art journals, altered books, canvases, etcâ?¦ with your acrylic paints and mediums? Come to class for a different (and fresh) perspective on using a variety of mediums. Learn to think outside of the box and push yourself while you are creating. Learn even MORE NEW techniques, tips, tricks and ideas for working on your art projects. Want to make your pages sing with color and texture? Want to learn a variety of ways to make your artwork pop off the page using various acrylics, gels, mediums and a variety of products in new ways? This is a new class in a series of workshops on mixed media use in art journals, altered books, and beyond that Kelly has been developing over the last several years. Beginners and advanced students are welcome! Please bring your journal, scissors, bone folder and a small selection of collage ephemera to class. Questions? Please email Kelly at Egorey99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Every Picture Tells A Story Saturday 6-8 $50 after Sept 24th $60
Use words as art and art as words. Combine the two to â??tellâ?? your own story that will spill out onto the pages of your art journals. More mixed media madness sprinkled with lots of fun guaranteed in class! Your story is uniquely your own and must be told! Learn how to combine images, words and a variety of acrylics and mediums to create art that is yours, and yours alone. Please bring your journal, scissors, bone folder, and collage and 3-D ephemera.

"Portals To The Soul": Altered Books Sunday Oct 10th 10-3
$75 after Sept 24th $85
Imagine an interchangeable altered book in which the pages are 'frames' holding small scale sized pieces of your own artwork. Using an old hardcover book, gesso, gel medium, a vast array of acrylics, rubber stamps, collage ephemera, wire, an x-acto knife and more, you will assemble the ultimate in altered books! You will paste and cut into a discarded hardcover book creating your own "window frames" throughout the entire book. Next, we will assemble a small portable series of 'art journal' pages. Upon completion, these mini art pages will be arranged and 'framed' in the windows of your altered book. These cards are removable and interchangeable. Learn unique ways of attaching the art pieces and 3-D items to the pages of your journals as well. I've been teaching altered books for several years now and this is the ultimate in altering books and unlike any class I have done before! This is several classes all combined into one big all day fun filled workshop! I'm very excited about this class and I know you will be as well! I will be supplying a TON of Golden Acrylic paints, mediums, collage items, wire, eyelets and all materials needed for the class but to make the class 'flow' easier please bring the following: Supply list: hardcover book size approximately 5 x 7" or 6 x 9" with no more than 150 pages in it, Scissors, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, sharpened pencil, x-acto knife and cutting mat, favorite selection of collage ephemera, eyelet setter (*not* the one by Making Memories), small hammer and eyelet punch (a Japanese Screw punch works well-and I have one to share if you need it, it should be sized to fit regular eyelets), small selection of favorite 3-D items, and needle nose pliers. PLEASE wear old clothes as you WILL get messy with this class between cutting, gluing and>painting, this is not the time for Sunday Best!!! Questions? Please email Kelly at EGorey99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Be Jeweled Journal Sunday Oct 10th 3:30-6:30 $55 after Sept 24th $65 Build a journal of your own from scratch using an unusual binding method. After you assemble and bind the-book-of-your-own, you will then gather together unusual â??foundâ?? objects and learn how to â??spiceâ?? up the journal. We will adorn the book with charms, trinkets and fun things galore! Learn unusual methods of attaching objects here and there on your book. Please bring a hardcover book size 6 x 9", pair of scissors, bone folder and cork backed metal ruler to class.

Harlequin Book Sunday Oct 10th 7-9 $50 after Sept 24th $60
This is an amazing book...the cover is layered with acrylics and then collaged. The stitch is an 'X" style along the spine. Very fresh and very funky! We'll assemble, stitch, decorate and embellish! Students should bring to class: small selection of favorite images to use, Scissors, bone folder and cork back metal ruler if they have them.

Students will need to bring to all classes: basic black permanent ink pad (like Ancient Page), scissors, cork backed metal ruler, 2 1" foam brushes, 3 1" bristle or painting brushes, a jar to hold water, old rag, a few paper towels, a roll of waxed paper and a small selection of collage ephemera.

The Artists' Nook at Timeless Creations
1636 S. College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525

(970) 231-6313 Christine
(970) 419-3186 Store
Store Hours: M, Tu, Wed, Fri, Sat 10-6 Thurs 12-9 pm Sundays 12-5
Plus: The Artists' Nook Art Center &Meeting Place
1630 S. College Ave

Kelly T.M. Kilmer
e-mail Egorey99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OR 323-654-8842
Kelly T.M. Kilmer is a mixed media book artist living in Southern California. A New England native who studied on her own and at Mass College of Art, she believes that there is an artist in each and every one of us. Kelly?s classes are designed specifically to bring that artist out. Her work has appeared in the book ?Signatures? and In the magazines: Somerset Studio, Artist?s Sketchbook, The Studio, Dogeared magazine, Artitude and The Muse. Kelly?s art has also been sold in card Galleries in Beverly Hills. She teaches all over the country including at major conventions (such as Artfest, Art Unraveled, Art and Soul and the Stamp in the Hand conventions).
Her current passions are her spending time with her family (her husband, David and their son Tristan), reading, journaling and using found art in her work. Kelly is always exploring new ways to create and how to better herself as an artist.
You can see samples at www.yahoogroups.com/ under ?ArtGangLA? in the Photos section under Kelly Kilmer art and Kelly?s Journal Bliss also at Kelly?s website www.KellyKilmer.com/

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