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[BKARTS] Hello from China... - From Pat Baldwin

Hi Peter:

Yes, I'm still in China. After a semester at Hebei Univrsity, I thought it
was time to move on and see more of the country. For the summer I taught at
the Caihong (rainbow) School just outside of Xi'an (where the terra cotta
warriers are). Now I'm teaching at Huzhou University, west of Shanghai. I
have 18 students for four hours Monday thru Thursday. It's intense and we
get a lot done.

Supplies, as usual, are always a problem. Getting the right paper and board
sends everyone out scouring the city. They come up with some very strange
substitutes - like something resembling masonate for boards (they did THAT
on their own, not thinking about how they were going to cut it.) So, out
with the hack saw blades and many snap-off knives. Then I showed them some
mat board I found in an art store close by. They could double that up for
boards. So they all came in the next day with thinner cartridge board.
Welllll, we're using that because that's what we have. I solved the issue
of bone folders (they don't exist in China) by getting some wooden ceramic
tools. They work just fine.

I have the class making full sized alphabet books. It's quite the biggest
project they've tackled yet... title page design, how to write a colophon,
how to design a logo and press name and how to put it all together without
getting glue all over the cover. ;-)

I'm sending a picture of my students and me.
<http://www.philobiblon.com/baldwin-2.jpg> I haven't anything as colorful
as the one with my Hebei students sewing books on upturned chairs, as they
made me 20 wooden sewing stands here. A little on the chunky side, but
workable. We're getting to that after next week's National Holiday.
Everyone in China is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the People's
Republic foundation for 10 days.

Tonight is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Everyone gets together and "views" the
full moon and eats a wonderful variety of moon cakes. Time to PARTEEEEEE!!

Hello to all my friends on the Listserv! Don't know when I'll be back in
the US. I'm leaving that move up in the air. I'm still having too much fun!




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