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[BKARTS] FW: [CPProt.net] Reports on two Iraqi Libraries

Report on the Central Awqaf Library
Report on the Central Library of Baghdad University / Al-Waziriya

The Middle East Librarians Committee on Iraqi Libraries has received
permission to publish the following two reports, one on the damage done to
the Central library of Baghdad University / Al-Waziriyya, the second on the
Central Awqaf library in Baghdad. The two reports were written by one of the
most energetic archivists working in Iraq today, Mr. Zain Al-Naqshbandi. He
is primarily responsible for the investigation and content of the two
reports. The report on the Waqf library is certified by Mr. Salah Karim
Hussein, the head of the Library, Mr. Asim Dawud Al-Khattab, a specialist in
libraries (with five degrees in library and information science) and Mr.
Muhibb Al-Din Yasin Ibrahim, one of the employees of the manuscripts section
of the Awqaf library who was able to save 109 manuscripts, and find a
further five in the post-looting stage. The reports were transmitted to the
committee by Hala Fattah, who also prepared the English translations.
The full English and Arabic text of these reports appears on-line at:

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