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[BKARTS] Repairing crispy pages


I have a book which I have been asked to repair which has some loose
pages in the front which are very crispy. The slightest touch will take
off yet another chip from the already very chipped edges of the pages.
This book is Polish from 1910, not of great value, but rather of more
sentimental value.

I'm not exactly sure how to deal with this in an effective way. I
thought of using heat set repair paper to repair some of the larger
tears as I think wheat paste and Japanese paper would not be the best
choice in this case, as I don't think this paper could take any water at
all. I also have some archival pressure sensitive tape I could use.

Some of these pages will have to be tipped in and I'm uncertain exactly
how to best approach that, since the neighboring pages, though still
whole, are also crispy. Anything the slightest bit heavy pulling against
them may do more damage.

Also, I am wondering if it is ever OK to trim the edges pages which are
chipped all along the edges in some cases? My thought is that would make
them a little less prone to chipping, for a while at least. Then, when I
tip them back in, I could add a little width at the spine edge using
whatever repair paper I choose. However they would still be shorter at
the head and tail.

I'm also having thoughts of color xeroxing the loose crispy end paper
and replacing it. Of course, I would check with the owner first. But is
that ever an acceptable option?

The person who owns it realizes the touchy condition of the book's
textblock and doesn't expect miracles, but I want to do the right thing
and something which is good for the book. I doubt that it will actually
be used much.

I'm rebacking it as well, but I think I have that part under control.

I'm just uncertain about how to deal with the crispy paper. Can someone
point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much.

Joycelyn Merchant

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