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Re: [BKARTS] Printing on Kleenex

Hey - this isn't the practical joke hotline, is it?
*This is definitely for a book arts project. I've
actually come up with a different solution, however,
mainly because I don't fancy gumming up my printers.
Kleenex tends to have lots of loose fibers, and I am
worried about them building up in my printers. A Gocco
still might work, but now I'm up to something else
(heh heh heh). Thank you for all the on-list and
private response!

*No noses were inked in the writing of this post.


Emily Wrote:

Um, I haven't done a lot of printing or posting
lately, but if there's any chance the tissue might be
used in the usual way, using an inkjet would be a
nasty trick-- the ink isn't waterproof.

On the other hand, if the whole point of the exercise
is to play a practical joke or take revenge, I suppose
an unexpectedly and inconveniently inky nose could
achieve the desired effect.



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