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Re: [BKARTS] Printing on Kleenex

Well I am not sure you need this information anymore, but for future
reference here is another technique that works with printing tissue
paper on an inkjet printer. Spray one side of the tissue paper and one
side of a regular piece of printer paper with the temporary tack spray
mount (I know, I know, spray mount is terrible, but bear with me). Wait
a few seconds until the surface is tacky, but not really sticky - then
stick the tissue paper to the plain printer paper and make smooth. The
tissue paper holds up really well going through the printer this way
and doesn't wrinkle. Also, if you have been very conservative with the
spray mount, removing the tissue paper from the printer paper
afterwards is easy and leaves almost no sticky substance on the tissue

On Oct 7, 2004, at 6:15 PM, Kara Sjoblom-Bay wrote:

Hey - this isn't the practical joke hotline, is it?
*This is definitely for a book arts project. I've
actually come up with a different solution, however,
mainly because I don't fancy gumming up my printers.
Kleenex tends to have lots of loose fibers, and I am
worried about them building up in my printers. A Gocco
still might work, but now I'm up to something else
(heh heh heh). Thank you for all the on-list and
private response!

*No noses were inked in the writing of this post.


Emily Wrote:

Um, I haven't done a lot of printing or posting
lately, but if there's any chance the tissue might be
used in the usual way, using an inkjet would be a
nasty trick-- the ink isn't waterproof.

On the other hand, if the whole point of the exercise
is to play a practical joke or take revenge, I suppose
an unexpectedly and inconveniently inky nose could
achieve the desired effect.


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