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Re: [BKARTS] Bindery equipment for sale

Hi Charles,

Saw your email to sell your bindery equipment. I'm not a prospect, but would
like to pick your brain a moment if I may.

I've never been in publishing, but want to create a line of personalized
children's books. I want to be able to print them on demand for my customers
in a mall setting.  The only small system I've found is the InstaBook Maker,
but it does not do hardcovers, which I want my books to have. It also seems
to be a little finicky, having some time-consuming glitches the user must
deal with. (I read some reviews, have no personal experience with it.)

I keep hearing so much about Print On Demand being the next big thing, but
when I search online, all I find are printers who offer POD services, not
the actual equipment.

Do you know of any system that would serve the purpose of printing and
binding hardcover children's books on demand, while the customer waits?  I
read that bookstores may soon be printing out books while the customers
wait, so the technology must exist.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Karen Runnels
My Very Own Books, LLC

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