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[BKARTS] Shu-Ju Wang, Pudding and Gocco

Hi Yasmin-
 Shu-Ju Wang has a wealth of experience in the area of Gocco, and publishes a 
delightfully informative newsletter for $12 a year in which she experiments 
and then passes along her test results. You can contact her at :
shuju@xxxxxxxxxxxx or  www.fingerstothebone.com

> Date:    Sat, 9 Oct 2004 13:57:08 -0500
> From:    Yasmin Wagner <yasmin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Gocco
> Hello -
> I have been thinking of purchasing a Gocco printer to screen graphics onto 
> book covers.
> I wondered if any of you have used one before and could share any feedback 
> or advice you may have.
> Thank you!
> Yasmin

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