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[BKARTS] 2-3 signatures on tapes?

This is a repair question:

At the school library that I'm volunteering at, there are 2 picture
books awaiting repair. They've got heavy, glossy pages (heavily
calendared/sized paper) and are sewn signatures. The internal folios
of the signatures have come loose because the thread has failed: the
paper (and holes) are still intact. (The outer folios of the
signatures are still adhered to each other, the flyleaves, and the
spine adhesive.) So, I plan to pull out the textblock and resew the

When I do that, because the textblock is made up of only 2 or 3
signatures, is it worth it to resew them onto tapes if I can (I plan
to use the preexisting holes)? Will it benefit the book structure if
I resew onto tapes, or is it not worth the effort?

---Amy West

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