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Re: [BKARTS] Eric Alstrom- wire loops


Thank you for taking the time to track me down.  I am no longer at
Dartmouth College but am now at Michigan State University.

And this is quite a coincidence too, since just a couple days ago one
of my technicians found a book here at MSU with a wire loop.  This
makes the total books found with the loops four at three different
institutions.  The book we just found it in is:

Wicksteed, Alexander. Ten Years in Soviet Moscow. London: John Lane,
The Bodley Head, Ltd. 1933.

As I remember, the loops in your book and the book at Dartmouth looked
almost identical.  This one I just found looks the same as well.  I am
going to put up my webpage about these loops again, along with the
photos and I would like to start a list of titles and locations.  Would
it be okay to list the books from ASU?  And can you remember the title
of the first one you found?

Again, thanks for tracking me down.  These loops have intrigued me and
now that we have found some more, I plan on doing some more research on


On Oct 15, 2004, at 12:03 PM, Beverly Schlee wrote:


The message I sent to you personally bounced, so I am sending this out
to the list in hopes of finding you. (This was discussed on the list
in =
January of 2003)

We have found another wire loop in a book. The title is "History of
the =
Australian Bushrangers" by George E. Boxall. London: T. Fisher: 1908.
I =
don't remember what book you originally found yours in. Are there any =
similarities? We are leaving this one in the book.=20

Beverly Schlee
Arizona State University Libraries

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