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[BKARTS] tibetan book

Yesterday a customer came into the store and asked if I had a book kit or a
book with directions for making a Tibetan style book. She described the book
for me but I could not imagine it. So I went on line and searched for Tibetan
book kit. On Dick Blick's web page I found such a book. It is described as

<< Tibetan Handmade Book Kit
Capture the ancient tradition of bookmaking with this eastern style book kit.
Features easy pamphlet style binding.   >>

From the accompanying photo it is seems to be a pamphlet style binding with
the long ribbon ends wrapped around the book. I am all for the popularization
of book making--I support it, I promote it. And my own training is not formal
at any degree granting institution but rather through workshops and reading so
I'm no expert. But I have never come across the idea that books were
historically made by pamphlet style binding in Tibet.

Am I wrong? Can anyone direct me to a historical example of pamphlet style
binding in Tibet.

If I am correct in thinking that this is a completely inaccurate description
of this book, it raises a question for me and perhaps for others who teach in
the "popular" sphere rather than in an academic situation.  My customer was
very exited about this book until I responded with--that's only a simple
pamphlet stitch and does not have any relationship to Tibet other than perhaps the
paper used on the cover.  Exotic names draw people in but what if it's not
correct information. I'm tempted to fire off letters to Dick Blick screaming at
them that they could at least respect the intelligence of their customers and not
give them incorrect information.  But maybe I'm wrong and it is a Tibetan
style book.

Patricia Grass

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