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[BKARTS] instructions for "map folding" for handmade books

At first I thought you were asking for ³map folder,² which is a nice
archival cardstock you can get at Talas. However, now I see you want
instructions for books that fold like maps. I don¹t have instructions, but I
think I can explain 2 different processes your friend might be interested
in. If anyone else has specific instructions, please chime in.

In the first, the paper is folded down like a map. It could be in various
configurations of folds, depending on the size of the sheet and the desired
size of the finished folded piece. The final folded piece can be attached to
a protected folder by adhering the upper left section of the paper into a
cover. The cover could be heavy card stock, folded, with a spine. Or
something heavier, covered with fabric. Purgatory Pie Press created one
that¹s on their website.
http://www.purgatorypiepress.com/artistsbooks_files/travelog.htm  (If you
mouse over the picture, it unfolds further.)

Another type is like the old folded maps I found in France. Each section of
the paper map is cut out. The hinging mechanism is the backing fabric. A
large piece of fabric, slightly larger than the whole map, is the carrier.
Each section of the paper map is attached to the fabric piece, with space
between for the folds. The amount of space between sections would depend on
how the folds happen. Some gaps have to have more space than others. The
paper sections could be glued or dry mounted to the fabric, then the fabric
on the edges brought around and attached to the front of the paper on all 4
sides. I remember Kathy Kuehn doing a book like that years ago. I have also
made an attempt. Don¹t have any instructions, though. Trial and error.

Hope this helps.

Champe Smith

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