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Re: [BKARTS] Request for instructions for "map folding"

On November 16, I will be teaching a class at San Francisco Center for the
Book called "Exploring the Turkish Map Fold."  This is an origami-like
series of folds that collapses a large rectangular sheet into a smaller more
compact form.  I have played around with combining individual map-fold
modules together in various ways to make longer books. See
http://www.sfcb.org/php/bookpix.php3?id=t3-111604-bnd for a picture of one
of my map-fold books.

Although this fold module was taught to me by Anna Wolf as a Turkish map
fold, I have never seen it referred to elsewhere as a Turkish map fold. I
have seen it used for other artists' books (by Katherine Venturelli and
Terry Horrigan, among others) and as a way to collapse maps for easier use.
For a diagram and instructions on folding, see "Map Folding", pg. 106 in
Complete Origami, by Eric Kenneway, St. Martin's Griffin, 1987.  I'll have
instruction hand-outs ready in another week or so, and I can forward them.

I'm also collecting other map-fold patterns for possible use in books, and
would be happy to hear of other book artists using map-fold structures in

Deborah Kogan
Soquel, California

Date:    Tue, 26 Oct 2004 08:05:52 -0700
From:    Ici <icilee@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: instructions for "map folding" for handmade books

anyone have any?  a friend is asking thru me.   thanks


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