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[BKARTS] toning paper / endpapers

More newbie questions from me -- point me to the archives if need be.

I just tried toning some dove grey 80 lb. paper needed for a minor
repair using methyl cellulose and acrylic paint. I had difficulty
getting the right tone and a smooth look: the brush strokes are quite
visible. Any suggestions or recommendations to do better next time?
(I used m.c. with a viscosity of 1900-2200 cps; mixed 2 tsps with 1/2
c. of water: perhaps it was too thick.)

I am also realizing that if I had a nice collection of plain colored
endpapers my life would be easier in fixing these picture books that
need resewing: I could just slap a new paste down over the old one.
Any suggestions for just plain endpapers in a variety of colors? No
fancy patterns. What weight should I be looking for (and how does
"gsm" compare to "lbs" when reading descriptions of papers)?

Many thanks, and apologies for the naive questions...

---Amy West

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