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[BKARTS] Ratskin

Phil Zimmerman is correct. In 1979 I bound Patti Smith's book _Babel_ in
alum tawed rat, with safety pin clasps. Actually it's just quarter rat
(spine only) with goat covered boards. At the time this punk bookbinding
created quite a stir.

It was hard getting rats in New York City. They don't let you shoot them,
and when I volunteered to join the Dept. of Sanitation's Rat Patrol they
refused my offer. I think it was a union job. I ended up preparing the
sumac tanned goatskins and the alum tawed ratskins at the National
Leathersellers' Centre in Northampton, England. I discovered that although
ratskins were not commonly used for anything, mouse skins had been used in
earlier times for the bosom linings of ladies' evening gowns.

You can read a review of the binding at
where there is a link to a photo of it.

When I read Phil's note on the list archive I went to minsky.com to look at
the book, and realized it was not easy to find it. So I added a search form
field on the home page. Now you can find just about anything at minsky.com
from the home page by typing in a keyword. There are over 300 pages there,
so this should make it easier for the 4,000 weekly users of the site.


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