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[BKARTS] Lacquer and Gold Leaf

Looking through http://minsky.com I'ive discovered that quite a few
important bindings are not there. As I find photos of them, they will be
added.  Today I put up a nineteenth century japanese photo album that a
client had purchased without covers, and asked me to bind in 1984. The
commission called for something that related to 19th c. Japanese art but
also represented my own current visual work. The lacquer bindings and
screens of that period always had attracted me, so that became a starting

I had been exploring illusionistic depth in inlaid leather bindings, so
that became part of it. Rather than just using lacquer, I decided to layer
the image using various transparent finishes with different indices of
refraction. I hypothesized that illusionistic depth would be created by
layering gold leaf and enamel between finishes that bend light at different
angles as it passes through the various layers.

The binding is now online at
with links at the bottom of that page to a couple of later experiments in
that medium.


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