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[BKARTS] Spring[binding] Hath Sprung: Now online at <http://www.philobiblon.com/springbackbindorama.htm>

Spring[binding] Hath Sprung
Now online at <http://www.philobiblon.com/springbackbindorama.htm>

With Spring[binding] Hath Sprung, an informal Bind-O-Rama, we hope to help
revive the springback style and promote its use as a canvas for creative
binding. While the title, timing, and play on words may not seem serious,
rest assured, we are serious about promoting this style of binding.

As a style, the springback is firmly rooted in the 'trade' binding
tradition. The springback's robustness, and ability to lie flat and open
for extended periods of time without stressing the spine unduly, make the
structure ideal for use as account and record books. These same qualities
make it suitable for guestbooks, lectern Bibles, and similarly used books.
Regrettably the structure has not seen much use on fine bindings or in
contemporary book art, especially as the structure would be a suitable
platform for many elements of design bindings. For instance, the thick
boards would provide a canvas for more sculptural or inset designs. With
some minor modification it could also serve as a means of presenting pop-up

Recently, workshops and presentations have been given on the springback in
the United States for the Austin Book Workers, at Minnesota Center for Book
Arts, for the New England and Mid-west Chapters of the Guild of Book
Workers and at the Guild's Standards of Excellence seminar, and most
recently in Los Angles. The style is also still required learning for
apprentices in Germany. Articles on the style have appeared in the New
Bookbinder and will soon appear in the Guild of Book Workers' Journal. A
of tutorials was included on the exhibition announcement page.

Participants in the Bind-O-Rama were challenged to produce in either the
English or German style a creative springback binding. The book could be
bound in any workable material (cloth, leather, paper, ...) and incorporate
any number of decorative techniques, including edge treatments, visible
structure and cut-outs, inlays and onlays... The main intent of this
exhibition was to have fun reviving the technique. While we had hoped for a
greater response, we hope that binders will continue to rediscover this
technique and experiment with it. Many thanks to all those who
participated. The
guidelines remain online.

A show and tell of some of these works will occur at that the Guild of Book
Workers Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Providence, RI, USA, in

Peter Verheyen & Donia Conn


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
The Book Arts Web & Book_Arts-L Listserv

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