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[BKARTS] Viruses and Spam

Dear book_art-l subscribers,

Below is my reply to Susan Rotolo to an off-list e-mail I just received:


Dear Suze,

It's even worse than you think.  It seems as though some spam/virus robots
harvested my identity from the book_arts-l
archive a year or two ago, before the web server started stripping e-mail
addresses off posts to prevent it, and every day
I get hundreds of spams and dozens of viruses, as well as dozens or
hundreds of "returned mail" for e-mails I didn't
send.  They also spoof other random names @ minsky.com as the "sender."

I have an external (before my mail server) spam/virus filter in place.  The
other day it had 2,400 spams in it and 120

SRotolo wrote:

  Hello Richard
  I am getting 2 of these a day now, so I thought I would let you
  know....not that there is anything to do about it.

  Subject: Re:
  Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 23:53:52 -0800
  From: "Minsky" <minsky@xxxxxxxxxx>
  To: "Suzart" <suzart6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


  + Virus successfully cleaned out of attachment(s):
  No attachments are in this category.

  + Attachment(s) deleted due to virus:
  1. price.cpl: W32.Beagle@mm!cpl

  Powered by Symantec

  ------------ Original message text follows ------------


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