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[BKARTS] Private Press Web site and new book

Please pardon the cross-posting)

The Printery has two announcements -- a new Web site and a newly-published book, demonstrating 18th-century typography:

The Web site: www.theprinterybooks.com 

We hope you’ll visit us on the Web to learn about us, about our books for sale (we only have two available at the moment), and about some pamphlets and broadsides we are also offering.

In addition to products published by The Printery, we are also offering for sale a selection of books from our library. These books would appeal to typographers, printers and book collectors with varying interests. Click on the “books from our library” link towards the bottom of the page.

Our newest book: Two Tracts: Information to Those Who Would Remove to America and, Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America by Dr. Benjamin Franklin. 

The original 1784 London edition of Two Tracts was set in Caslon types as is this new edition. Stephenson-Blake promoted this Caslon as being “cast entirely from matrices produced from punches engraved in the eighteenth century by William Caslon.”


From Gutenberg’s time until the end of the eighteenth century, printers followed the manuscript convention of employing a long “s” initially and medially in a word and using the short “s” terminally. This new edition of Two Tracts is taken directly from the 1784 London edition. The same Caslon types are handset. The long “s” with all its ligatures, the capping scheme, the catch-words, and the signature indicators are all retained allowing the modern reader the opportunity to enjoy these widely circulated Tracts in their original eighteenth-century attire.


You can read the entire prospectus and view photos of this new book and other Printery publications at www.theprinterybooks.com. 


Thank you,

Virginia Kramer

The Printery

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