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[BKARTS] How to Make Round Boxes?

I'd like to suggest that you first construct the walls of the box. There  was
an earlier extended discussion of constructing tubular scroll cases which is
perfectly adaptable to your circular boxes.
Once the wall of the box is complete you simply adhere it to an  oversize
baseboard and trim/sand back to the wall.
One nice thing about building the wall first is that at the same time  you
can construct the lid and assure a very accurate fit.
This method does require an initial mold. I've found that lengths of  PVC
plumbing pipe work admirably and are available in a very wide range  of diameters
up to sewer size. A too small tube can be easily made  larger by winding with
lengths of paper to the desired diameter, followed by a  few layers of waxed
or silicon release paper to ease removal of the  box wall and lid. Best.

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