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Re: [BKARTS] How to Make Round Boxes?


Olfa's range of cutters includes a circle cutter and a compass cutter.

The compass cutter cuts circles from 1cm to 15cm in diameter, and uses small
blades designed for this cutter.

The circle cutter cuts circles from 7cm to 30cm in diameter, and uses the
standard large snap-off blades used in most snap-off blade knives.

Both need a steady hand.  The circle cutter has the heavier blade, and the
wherewithal to cut heavier board.

The Olfa codes are:

Compass Cutter:  CMP-1
Circle Cutter:  CMP-2

View pictures at:


We have both cutters, and wouldn't do without them.  Olfa's range of knives
and blades are superb.  Their knives are engineeringly balanced, and
designed for comfort.  You are really paying for a good product.

Hope this helps someone.

Peter Krantz.

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