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[BKARTS] Mix and Match Books

I have a question regarding the most appropriate name for a book form that
we all know, if only from our childhoods, but that I (and all the people I
ask) are at a loss for a proper term for.

This question is best illustrated by a picture of the type of book I mean.
Here is a link to a photo of some books by Emily Watson:


The books I mean are :Crime and Romance" and "How Can I love You?" located
down the web page a bit.

Emily calls these slice books but some commercially published books seem to
call themselves "Mix and Match" (or "Mix n' Match") books which seems more


I want to know if there historically has been a consistent term to
designate these books, whether there are any other terms people use to
describe them, and where might those terms be documented?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jonathan Lill
2004 Kress Fellow in Art Librarianship
Art and Architecture Library
Yale University

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