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Ed, In re-reading your notes about Alice Simpson's show, I was reminded of
meeting M. C. Richards years ago at a conference at the Corcoran about Women
in the Arts.  When she was hired at Black Mountain College she was sent to
teach poetry in the ceramics studio.  She made a series of pots to reflect
parts of BLACK ELK SPEAKS and another series representing the various dances
(waltz, jazz, etc.) she saw a friend preparing for a recital.  I was so
impressed with her her books (CENTERING  and THE CROSSING  POINT) and her
level headed critique of the feminist jargon of Judy Chicago  that I bought
local hand made pottery.  Using it for my cooking and eating keeps my
creative juices flowing.  If Alice hasn't run across these old books before
she might find them supportive of her own work.
    Thanks again for your call.  I'll follow your suggestions.  Marjorie

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