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Re: [BKARTS] Questions about Studio Heating, Humidity, etc.


The introduction of heat and humidity controls will help any environment.
Unfortunately most unheated spaces usually have cement floors and no insulation.
If either or both is true for you most of the heat and dehumidification will
probably cost a lot and will often seem to be fruitless.

My studio/printery is in a former garage: freestanding on a cement slab. I
insulated it and put a vapor barrier (6 - 8 mil plastic) on the floor, blue,
rigid foam insulation between 2x4s on the floor with a 3/4" plywood affixed
(screws are best but if not box coated nailed) to the 2x4s. No need to nail the
2x4s to the floor as the weight of the plywood and later the equipment will
definitely hold the floor in place. Also not nailing to the cement keeps the vapor
barrier intact. The 2x4s should be no more than 12" on center, which means you
will have to cut all the foam insulation. There will also be a great deal of
waste of the blue foam, but that is as it is. My 11'x17' space, which is a
little tight but its mine, cost, if I remember correctly, about $500 - $600 to
do. Yeah, I added a few windows, a door, electricity and electric heat but that
was above the price I quote.

It is worth the extra labor and money as heating and cooling cost are very
little. In the early winter the light bulbs, press, my body heat and the radio
heat the place.

A cold press is not good for hot metal!

Good luck,
Leonard Seastone
The Tideline Press

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