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[BKARTS] gluing to acetate

HI!  Our wedding album after 25 years has fallen completely apart.  It is a
Holman brand with the alum. hinges with a rod that runs from top to bottom.
The acetate mat covers have completely released from the sticky glue that
was on the paper at the hinge.  I have priced new ones and they will cost
over $90 to replace and will be in a different color and we can't afford the
$$$$.  What is really the pits is that I am sure ALL of wedding albums that
were sold have had the same fate.....

So, I need a glue that will stick to the acetate and paper.  I am assuming
that the acetate outgassed and released the stickum, as the same paper also
is attached to the alum hinge and it is still very tight.  What kind of glue
will work on acetate and paper?  I was thinking of Contact cement as I know
it will stick, but it is messy and hard to control to stick down.  I will
have to strip the old sticky glue off the paper but then what?

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