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Re: [BKARTS] Pink Imitation Leather

At 10:04 AM 11/16/2004 -0600, you wrote:

Does anyone have or know where to get a yard of "pink" imitation leather?
I have a potential client that wants three books rebound in pink, and I
don't think they will settle for anything more conservative.  I made the
suggestion of pink bookcloth, which is available, but they don't want to go
that route.


Try a good fabric store. "UltraLeather" and "Ultrasuede" come in a myriad of "fashion" colors. They also come in upholstery weight as well as garment wt.

Search on line by the trade names for more information/possible
sources.  I haven't worked with them myself, but they do look good
and less "plasticy" than what I'm thinking of as Naugahide.

Why don't they want real leather/suede, I wonder?


Susan Fatemi


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