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Re: [BKARTS] Doing pink?

    For those doing pink, check out
I've found this and similar skins offered by this seller make beautiful
finished bookbindings, but, because of their weight (2 oz.) they are
difficult to work with.  For instance, after pressing, the foldovers
leave an indentation around the textblock unless pieces of blotting
paper are placed between the endpapers.
    Also I find it necessary to use hide glues to secure the leather to
the boards.  Other adhesives (PVA) are too weak.

I've bought from him too... snakeskin for inlay. He is quick and a the stuff is good, as far as I can tell :-)

Although, I am guessing that the person wants imitation because they
are vegetarian or something the same?
I agree with the ultrasuede..... or something similar from a high end
craft store.

I've seen "vegan" shoes made by this company, and am waiting to get
my hands on some scraps of this stuff....
or, more specifically:
But any real amount seems to be rather costly and I can settle on
scraps for now :-)


When I typed this email, it made total sense.
That does not guarantee it will make sense when you are reading it.
Consider it a mystery of time and space...

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