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[BKARTS] Paring thick leather

Jet Wimp wrote:

>because of their weight (2 oz.) they are difficult to work with.
>For instance, after pressing, the foldovers leave an indentation
>around the textblock unless pieces of blotting paper are placed
>between the endpapers.

Jet, you can pare the leather around the edge where it turns in.  That's a
normal procedure, even on lighter weight leather. You also can skive the
entire piece, or the entire skin.  There are services that do this for you
if you don't have a skiving machine.  As I recall, this has come up several
times on the list and you may find a place for this if you search the list

I have a small edge skiving machine that was originally made for the shoe
industry  (United Shoe Machiney's Pluma Skiving Machine Model E). Yesterday
a neighbor came by with a few spine pieces of cape grained leather that
looked like 3 or 4 oz , and they quickly came down to about 1-1.5 oz. That
took just a few minutes, including thinning some more pieces down for
labels (just a bit thicker than the grain depth so it doesn't make holes in
the piece). He has a Schar-Fix machine in his bindery, but it would have
taken a long time to thin several spines that thick.

You may want to look into getting one of those or a spokeshave if you are
doing a lot of work with thick leather. Talas and BookMakers sell a variety
of leather paring knives and tabletop hand tool/machines like the Brockman
& Schar-Fix.



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