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Re: [BKARTS] Preserving newspaper

Deacidifcation sprays are certainly the way to tackle this problem,
should your budget allow you to do so.  For the most part they are quick
and easy to use, with relatively little risk of damaging the piece of
artwork that is treated.  They work by depositing a buffering agent into
the paper, helping to neutralize acids that form as the paper as it
ages.  Currently there are two manufacturers of these products on the
market, Wei T'o and Bookkeepers.  Wei T'o is the original
deacidification product on the market and has much testing and field
experience for it to stand on.  Bookkeepers is relatively new to the
market, and although significantly more expensive to Wei T'o, has been
advancing by leaps and bounds in the market.  I would be hard pressed to
say which is a better product, as you can find test results to support
either side of the argument, which is why we carry both.  Both are
available in aerosol and solution bottles.

The Wei T'o product can be found on our web site here:

The Bookkeepers product can be found here:

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