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Re: [BKARTS] Preserving newspaper- craft methods

Folks, this is getting into dangerous territory from a
preservation/conservation standpoint. What circulates in "craft" circles is
not necessarily to be recommended.

What we need to do first is clarify why this newspaper is being
"preserved," and how it is supposed to be used into the future. Without
that kind of information, this discussion is pointless. Alice, you asked
the initial question, ...

I would not resize a brittle newspaper, but either reformat, i.e. copy, or
deacidify and encapsulate in mylar (edges only sealed, NOT laminate) which
will support the brittle paper. Alternatively, a layperson could use a heat
set tissue such as that sold by Gaylord.

Transparent, flexible, low bulk support for fragile or deteriorated documents

Made from transparent, thin (8.5 grams per square meter), pH neutral
Japanese mulberry tissue and coated with a heat-activated, buffered,
non-yellowing, solvent-free, acrylic adhesive.

For easy and quick spotmending, use the convenient 3/4" roll and a tacking
iron or dry mount press; instructions included with each roll. Use the 12"
width for lining entire documents. Reversible by reheating or by applying

This tissue is almost transparent when put down and will help support the paper. Resizing brittle newspaper (short fibers) will likely make it more fragile and prone to breaking.


At 12:52 PM 11/18/2004, you wrote:

As to resizing the paper I would be more inclined to use one of the
acrylic mediums that Golden makes. Sorry I can't recommend a specific
one. I am not an expert in paper and such. I assumed the original query
did not come from a professional either.  I did specify originally that
this was a 'craft' solution.



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